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Work with a Pro shooter and designer..


How does it work..and what do I get?
  Photo Reviewing  


You will be able to instantly sit down with Scott and review all of your photos on his nice large display screen.  Scott will assist you with picking out your favorite photo.  Instant turn-around means that you get your photo during your visit.




Scott will edit & airbrush your photo to your liking.  It's important to present your photo in the absolute best light so Scott will edit your photo to give you that nice polished look you're after.




Once your photo is selcted and polished up, Scott will custom crop your picture so that you can use it on all of your marketing materials including print marketing and social media marketing.


No Copyrights


Scott never copyrights your professional picture, you can use it on anything you like.  The picture is yours to use and you never need future permission from Scott.



  Scott uses the absolute best cameras, computers and lighting equipment available.  Rest assured your photo quality is good enough to use on cards, signs, magazine ads, billboards and sometimes even larger! Every attention to detail is carefully gone over by Scott.  

* Pricing varies depending on each individual needs.
Contact me for pricing and what you need a photo for.


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