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Business Cards That Work

Your business card is one of the most important branding/marketing tools you'll ever create.   Having a professional business card lets people know you're serious about what you do.   A good business card starts conversation, which in turn can lead to some serious business for you.  Business cards have two sides, maximize the space as much as possible.  Be different and break the rules!  Brand yourself!

Your business card is your image and it makes an impact every time you give one out ...either wow, positive, mediocre or negative.  If you're not getting the WOW factor when you hand out your card it's time to get a new one!



Is your card only used to jot down
someone else's phone number? 

Have the most talked about card in town by enlisting the aid of Scott Krause Designs.  "You wouldn't believe who asked me about my card today," beams a pleased Suzy Shealy, who often receives high compliments on her business cards. 

Many clients of mine say to me "It's a common occurrence to have my card pause the conversation," "Usually when the talk gets around to the point of 'Hey, can I have your card', I hand them mine and the recipient usually pauses mid-sentence to say 'That's a great card!' Now I know that it won't be thrown in the trash or used to write down another Realtor's phone number or the grocery list!"

When first impressions can mean the difference between getting a client and getting forgotten, why use a second rate business card?  With Scott Krause Designs, the perfect card starts with professional photography.  "Why recycle a dated photo that is of low quality on your new cards?" asks Scott.  "If you're re-using something that didn't work before, it won't work now.  The business cards I design begin with a professional photograph.  I then utilize my skills to create a professional layout and submit the final version to a high-end printer for a product that is sure to get you noticed."