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"Scott Krause Photography & Designs began as truly a labor of love...His efforts did not go unnoticed.
 Many seasoned real estate Agents and
Brokers commented on his abilities
and asked if he could do similar projects for them.


About Scott
Scott took his first serious photos as a teen-ager in a High School photography class, but he honed his skills by snapping pictures of planes while working for UPS.  As a self-taught photographer, Scott was able to perfect his trademark techniques with lighting, composition and shutter speed on the tarmac.  After capturing in-flight images of Bob Russell of Russell & Jeffcoat, Scott decided to start his own business in 2002 by focusing on real estate photography and business portraits. By combining photography with a lifelong interest in computers, Scott’s new business was able to harness all the advantages of digital technology. By building multiple computers with one large flat screen, he was able to provide an immersive photo editing experience. Placing the photos in marketing materials like business cards and websites became a natural extension of his services, and Scott found himself on the path to becoming Columbia’s most talked about photographer.

Some of Scott’s favorite photos from his portfolio include scenes of Times
Square and Columbia’s Gervais Street bridge, planes like the historic B-29 named
Fifi and a UPS 757
now on display at Indiana Regional Airport. Regardless of the subject, Scott tries to capture its essence in a flattering, slightly rebellious way. He maintains a creative, inspirational workspace through music and the latest technology. When he’s not capturing moments on film, Scott plays hockey at least twice a week in leagues in Irmo and downtown Columbia, where he gives a whole new meaning to the term “money shot!”

Billboard ad Ran from 2012-2014

Billboard ad in Columbia, South Carolina.

Billboard ad in Columbia, South Carolina.

I see all of this stuff about how Scott Krause understands the needs of real estate agents.  What is his experience with real estate?

Scott Krause Designs began as truly a labor of love.
  Scott started designing business cards that would really stand out and make an excellent first impression.  His efforts did not go unnoticed.  Many seasoned real estate agents and brokers commented on his abilities and asked if he could do similar projects for them.  It was at this point that Scott Krause Designs began.